Uno Mas Por favor 6 hour endurance race

Coming in on the last lap after 6 1/2 hours

So this is my first post on my new blog. I was actually planning on starting this at the beginning of the year however i have been plauged with injuries since begining of December. And I didn’t want to start my blog talking about them( yet here I am starting it out talking about them) After gravel series race in Wichita area called Big ring series that finished in November I was feeling really good. One my best friends, riding partner and local bike shop owner Matt Brown had previously invited me to join his team which was a honor to me to ride for High Gear Cyclery/Trek ( see ) and was pumped up to get in best shape ever for the next year.

Unfortuantly life has other plans sometimes and the following week afer the big ring seriesI had really aggravated my left knee bad (its a old injury but hadn’t bothered me in a long time) on a training ride , and was not improving for the following 3 weeks, i then hurt my Achilles tendon and ankle on my opposite leg where I couldn’t barely walk for a few days. (not cycling related) So i had to take almost 2 weeks off, the bike and then slowly get back into training. Luckily wasn’t a full tear or i wouldn’t be riding for several months. So I wasn’t planning on doing any races anytime soon, but a week before the race which was on 02/05/12. I did a hard 60 hour gravel ride on our mtb that previous sunday and legs were blown up, but injuries were improving enough so I took off that following wed and did a 100 mile road ride, not hard but a decent pace, so since some of my teammates were going to oklahoma (lake thunderbird by Norman oklahoma) to do the race i thought I would join them. I knew I was not going to be winning or anything ,but thought it would be good volume if i didn’t go to hard and aggravate my knee and ankle. So this was my mindset going in.

We headed down with friends and teammates Matt Brown, Stephanie Brown, and Randy Smith the day before on Saturday, it had been raining down in oklahoma and wasn’t sure if the race was going to be canceled and just found out that morning it was a go. We got down just in time for a pre ride before dark. It is mostly sandy so the rain actually helped packing the course down. It was a fun trail , it flowed well and seemed as half of it you were going slightly down hill the rest slightly uphill. They said fast laps was 40 min , and slow were around 1 hour. So I kinda mentally prepared myself for 6 laps since it was a 6 hour race and I was going to be taking it easy and just finish. Matt and Steph were doing coed team , and Randy and myself doing 6 hour solo. The race started off with a 100 meter run took it pretty easy and set a medium pace on the trail it was really congested the first lap there were i believe around 100 riders give or take but was able to settle in with some others around my pace. After each lap I was going to refill and take a eat a quick snack to keep my energy up.  So cruising along and on my 5th lap, thinking again just have one more left. I got to the start/finish and crap there is a hour and a half left. I thought with my slow pace and sag stops after each lap I wouldn’t of been ahead of schedule. So I planned on milking the last lap taking my time, but I could only do that so much before I just decided to do a 7th lap. I finished my 6th lap about 11 min to go, so went out and did my hardest lap and finished around 6 hours and 30 min in. I think overall I got 30th place out of I believe 60 or 70 in the solo group, a lot of people quit so I did better then I expected with my fairly easy pace.  Matt and Stephanie got 2nd place in the team coed and Randy they didn’t count one of his laps intially which I believe got corrected and got around 20th I believe with the correction.  All in all a good time and got me excited about next trail race in Ouchita in Arkansas on April 1st.  In the mean time I might do few a road races coming up or just need to get in a lot of riding in.
Well this post has got way too long i will be throwing in some training updates soon.


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2 Responses to Uno Mas Por favor 6 hour endurance race

  1. LeLan Dains says:

    Hooray! Hopefully you will be writing about a training trip to CO soon…

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