Riding Raw

No not from a long ride and bad chamois 😉     As many know I have been a vegetarian for some time now.  I would eat close to a vegan for the most part ,but would still eat eggs quite often and also had some milk protein every once in a while. So technically vegetarian although I hate the labels. Anyways for some reason lately I started feeling guilty about it , that and keeping up with raw vegan Tim Van Orden (see http://www.runningraw.com ) and his progress and success as a runner decided I would try doing the raw vegan thing myself which really isn’t far from my current diet anyways. Just eliminating the little bit of eggs,dairy, and eating raw foods not cooked as much as possible. So far have been doing this for one and a half weeks already lost 4 pounds. Some of which is probably just water weight. Its early to say and I haven’t really had any really hard training rides lately so should know more in a few weeks if its going to hurt or help but so far feel good.


About veggiegravelgrinder

Raw Vegan cyclist in the flinthills of Kansas
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3 Responses to Riding Raw

  1. LeLan Dains says:

    So can you eat meat now, as long as it’s raw?

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