Just got my new Trek Cronus ultimate crossbike yesterday from Highgear. After getting it put together we weighed it with pedals on and with the tires set up tubeless and it was 17lb’s 3 ounces. I was really excited to ride it ,unfortunately we also had 50mph winds, I got out and rode for about 30 min, most of the time fiddling with saddle height getting it dialed in. After about getting blown off the road twice and hadn’t even got to gravel yet decided I better play it safe and go back home and ride the trainer before I destroy me and the new bike. I was pretty bummed about it because the rest of the week was calling for high winds and rain. However while at work today about 4:30pm , my coworker,friend and riding partner Shawn O’mara said the winds are calming down , and also checked forecast and they pushed the rain out til later in the night so after rushing home after work we rode a 16 mile loop that takes just under a hour, its packed with lots of hills and is pretty fun. This was the first time got to really test the cronus out and it did not disappoint I still don’t have the new computer/speedometer I ordered for it so hard to tell how much faster I was but it felt really good!

Also this last weekend, on Saturday my good buddy Lelan Dains who now works in Colorado for Carmichael training systems came down to visit family and also to hang out a little and get a ride in. We got a little group of friends together including Scott O’mara, Tim Mohn , Randy Smith , Lelan and myself we got a nice hard little ride in that was a lot of fun. When I got back home my wife had a nice gift waiting for me a new trainer for the bike inside. I actually didn’t have a trainer before. I had a stationary recumbent bike I had from well before I started riding and it was comfortable even though probably not as good a workout , finally we decided it was time to get a proper trainer. I  have only ridden it once although not as comfy it defiantly is a better workout.


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2 Responses to Cronus

  1. LeLan Dains says:

    Told you that baby was going to be 5 lbs lighter than the XO2! Got the XO2 home though and Jayson has already gone to work getting it set up for his attempt at a DK record.

    Now I can’t wait for you to put some slicks on that baby and come out here for some altitude training! 🙂

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