Tubeless NOT ready

As you know recently got my Cronus , and set it up tubeless the tires set up extremely easy, but would lose air over night equally on both the front and back. Since the tires are so small compared to MTB tires I only used 3/4 scoop of sealant. That may have been a mistake as the way the road wheels have a deeper dish it was harder the sealant to get around the bead. Anyways so I had ridden a couple short rides already and it seemed fine during the rides I was hoping it would seal up completely on a longer one.

My usual weekend riding partners were in Arkansas doing a 6 hour endurance race. With the weather looking good for Saturday I asked Shawn O’mara if he was up for another ride with me , he is getting ready for his first Dirty Kanza 200 this June and is usually always up for a good gravel ride. So we decided to leave at 8am and go to north then west to Council Grove it is normally about aprox.60 mile loop on gravel.

It didn’t start off great about 10 min in… I realized crap I forgot my camel back. I did have one bottle of water but that was not going to be enough. We had to backtrack back to my house and grab it , luckily I guess I discovered it fairly close. We get about 45 min in , and my back tire felt a little bit low. I asked Shawn ” does my tire look low” he replies “no it looks fine” not less then 2 seconds later I hit some loose gravel and it bottomed out and split my sidewall.  What sucks is they were brand new tires and not cheap. But I threw my only tube in and got back on the road, I was paranoid the rest of the ride about getting another flat since I didn’t have anymore tubes but luckily the rest of the ride had no more issues. What did happen was our near zero wind when we left turned into 20-25mph plus south wind that started picking up heavily right before we started to head south.  Since I am trying to get some good training in anyways I told Shawn to get behind and draft and I started pulling til we got as far south as we needed to before heading east again. I think we were both glad to get out of the wind. We did get 56 miles so it was a good ride.

Today Sunday we got rain all night and still raining. So good time to test out my trainer. I am using my wife’s Madone 4.5 so i don’t have to swap wheels/tires around all the time. I can say now finally have a trainer is a much better work out then my previous stationary recumbent bike I was riding, and although I prefer riding outside much more.The days inside I should get a better workout now then before anyways.


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2 Responses to Tubeless NOT ready

  1. LeLan Dains says:

    Umm…what is spray painted on that sign!?

  2. LOL! I had to crop part of the picture out for my more sensitive viewers.

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