Thursday Night Ride

Pic by Troy Ochs

Picture by Troy Ochs

Pic by Angela Spellman

Picture by Angela Spellman. The High Gear group doing the pace setting I am on the front on the left.

Here in Emporia there is a organized group ride every Thursday evening usually starts after the time change.  It has riders of all experience and conditioning you don’t have to be a racer or anything. Its a lot of fun for a easy ride and hanging out with all the local riders. It was good recovery ride for me.

Earlier in the week I had taken off Tuesday to get in another 50 mile ride in with Shawn. Unfortuantly when I woke up my wife was extremely sick throwing up and I woke up with a massive headache and just no energy. I normally never get headaches and I also felt a little off balance. I was not sure if I my body was fighting what she had or what. I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up or anything so maybe it was allergies I thought. I didn’t feel much like riding but need to get the time in with Ouachita only a couple weeks out and already had the day off and it was beautiful weather.  We had a pretty good pace , but felt like I was working harder then normal , my heart rate was elevated as well and I was sweating a lot more then normal given the nice temps. So I figured I was fighting something. The farther we got the more my headache got worse , so we cut the ride a little short. we still got about 50 miles in , it was originally going to be closer to 60. It worked out  good though as I ran out of water just as we got back into town and felt pretty tired. As I was rolling my bike up  my porch noticed my front brake was dragging bad, at some point my axle got loose and move the rotor over so it was dragging pretty bad. Crap, well made for good training i guess. I got that fixed , and readjusted my brake alignment and zero drag now,luckily it happened on that ride and not at Ouachita.


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