Hill training

Our group before we took off.
(from left to right)
Matt Day, Matt brown, Stephanie Brown, Randy Smith, and myself

Hills always look mild in pictures, if you look at the dot that looks like a ant at the top that is bike rider. This is one of many of these hills we climbed up.

Hill training was the theme of the day.  To help get ready for Ouachita race coming up in a couple weeks in Arkansas, we needed to try to recreate some of the difficult climbs as much as we could around here in the flinthills. I had talked to our ring leader Matt Brown earlier in the week and we decided to do our “Tower” ride which in itself is pretty difficult depending on how hard you ride it as it has some decent climbs on its own.  About a half mile after get to the top of those climbs you can ride off into the pasture southwest of there and there are big steep mounds, that not only have thick grass , but big loose rocks ready to kill your momentum so they are pretty difficult. Not sure how long, but we did several of those for about a hour and a half , after the hour and a half ride out there with a 30mph headwind.  We were about on our way out and there was a lot of little I don’t know little water paths. anyways I rode up to one must of hit it just right and my front wheel stuck and I flipped over and face planted. I got up and my helmet was still on but spun around backwards, my Oakley lenses were scratched so I was kinda pissed out that.  Neck was pretty sore and had a headache, but still planned on finishing the ride.  We got back on the gravel and I was about out of water and borrowed some from Matt. I got really hungry too as I was trying to conserve water and wasn’t eating as much as I needed. I was pretty tired after a few miles back on the gravel luckily that headwind we had earlier was now a tailwind and that was great helper on the way back in.

Matt and Randy with me at the top of the Tower climb before we headed off into the pasture of hills


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