Final ride before Ouachita

Well this Friday morning heading down to to Arkansas with friends and team mates. We are going to do some pre riding after we get there and then the race is Sunday morning. Not really sure what to expect as this is the first time doing it. Luckily about everyone I know has done it multiple times so been asking for advice. Main thing is its going to be hard. Not sure if I am quite in shape I need to be. But the thing is I am not that fast on technical trail so it may not matter much anyways. My goal is to finish around 6 hours, but will probably just be happy not to wreck and kill myself.

This last few days has been putting the final touches on training. Last Saturday I did a short hilly gravel route I do a lot thats only about 16 miles as Sunday would be my longer ride. It was perfect weather and not much wind I did set my personal record time completing the loop. Going that hard I paid for it a little bit the next day on our group ride which I wasn’t expecting as I normally don’t feel that short of a ride much the next day , but I met up with Matt Brown , Chris Wiggins and Randy Smith. We set a very hard pace right of the bat and headed straight for the hills. I wish I had my computer on as I know were were flying. Again almost no wind which is very odd this time of year. My legs were feeling pretty heavy on the steep climbs about half way thru luckily I never “blew” up. I did find after I got home my seatpost slid down about 1/4 of a inch which probably didn’t help either. There was tons of pot holes from all the rain and when we were riding in formation I nailed some pretty good and must not of had my seat post tight enough. Overall a good hard training ride that was probably about 55 miles. Everyone was riding strong. Randy did a 120 miles the day before and still managed to ride good , Matt was riding like a monster. They are both going to do really well at Ouachita.

Took Monday off for recovery, and today did 30 miles with Shawn O’mara after work. Legs were still not feeling fully recovered from Sunday, but we still did a good pace without even realizing it. We did a pretty hilly route with lots of loose gravel, but still managed to do almost 17mph average and felt like we were just going a medium pace so maybe the recent hard training is starting to pay off.

I will report back next week after Ouachita if I survive it  😉


About veggiegravelgrinder

Raw Vegan cyclist in the flinthills of Kansas
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