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Well its time to start training for the next up and coming events. The main race on the calender is Dirty Kanza 200 on June 2nd. For those who don’t know is a local race of 200 miles on gravel thru the flint hills.Which is now only about 7 weeks away. Before that we have a difficult 70 mile gravel race on May 12th.  I am in pretty decent shape right now , but not where I need to be yet for the DK.  I am going to try to start increasing my volume and hopefully peak about the right time.

Yesterday most of my friends were racing nearby in Lawrence KS, at “bone bender” I got with my buddy Shawn who is also training for the dk. After heavy storms and still having 30-50mph winds we decided to do a hilly road ride instead of gravel so we didn’t get blown off the road (almost happened anyways)  we planned on a 70 mile ride on a road that doesn’t get much traffic and pretty hilly. We had a slight tail wind, but mostly crosswind the first half. It was tricky at times when we would get a 50 mile gust it would about rip the front wheel a couple feet over few times.  The second half of the ride wind had shifted a little and was now mostly a 30-50mph headwind coming back into town.  The wind sucked to say the least and really had slowed us down, but really good training I guess. We about ran out of food and water because the second half took so much longer with the headwind. We were defiantly glad to get out of the wind when it was over.



About veggiegravelgrinder

Raw Vegan cyclist in the flinthills of Kansas
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