Camp Alexander race and DK training

Was a great weekend of riding. This last Saturday was a local Camp Alexander race which started with 5 miles of gravel then 2 laps of the trails. I didn’t race this time as I was going to hand bottles to Matt Brown, but also I was planning a long gravel ride for my DK200 training. Plus sometimes its fun just to sit back and be the cheerleader and watch other people suffer 😉

The race was at 9:30 in the morning I met up with Matt at 8am and we got in about 45 min to a hour of gravel to warm up , the race got delayed some because of the trail run before that was still going on so not sure how much the warm up helped though.  The race started off pretty fast. Matt , Scott, and Tim had teamed up on the gravel and came in together on the trail, when I seen them about half way thru Matt had opened up a huge gap that kept getting bigger. At the finish he came in at about 51 min I believe. This is including the gravel and 2 laps. Scott came in a few min later in 2nd and Tim in 3rd. I believe Shawn came in around 6th. Afterwards we rode back into town and hung out for a bit I then went out for some gravel and got about 40 miles in.   The next morning Sunday went out with Shawn for some more gravel DK training. It was typical super windy kansas day 30 mph winds with some nasty gusts that was pushing my front tire several times in the crosswind. We got about 60 miles in with some pretty steep climbs north of Kahola lake.  I took monday off, then I just got another 35 mile gravel ride in after work I just got home from so training is going pretty good. Below is some pics from the race that Shawn Honea from IM design took.

Matt Brown crushing the field


Scott O'mara charging hard

Tim Mohn

Shawn O'mara and Rick Becker coming in from the gravel section.


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