Wilson lake fat tire race, and back to the Grind.


Some of the High Gear crew before the race.


The front of the Elite group early in the race. Shad Schreiner in front, Aaron Elwell behind him , Cam Chambers , then Garret Steinmetz 


Matt Brown coming in at the finish line. 

(see my facebook page for a lot more pics)

I really should of been training with DK coming up so soon, but last Sunday Matt needed support to hand bottles during the race and I had some nagging old injuries bothering me so figured it was meant to be. Plus some friends from Colorado and Oklahoma were there so I had to go. They had a Elite group above Cat 1 that a $1000 payout for first place and a lot of high level riders showed up.  The race started out fast and furious as expected. Elite class was about 30 miles of trail that is pretty tricky in some places. Cat 1 and 2 was about 21 miles. Matt Brown was in the Elite group and did a awesome job, he got either 7th or 8th against some of the best riders in the country. My good friend Lelan Dains got 1st in cat 1 which was very impressive. It was a great race and got to see a lot of friends so it was good times. I have to admit was feeling guilty about not riding though as Sunday is usually my longer rides. And it would not of been so bad as I was planning on making up on that the day before on Saturday but cut my tire about 40 min in and had to limp back home.  Anyways yesterday got back to the gravel grinding and got in 35 miles with the O’mara brothers Shawn and Scott after we got off work, and then I had scheduled today off a while back and luckily the weather was awesome 70ish and sunny mild winds. I got in 51 miles of the most hilly gravel roads around here this morning. I averaged around 16.5mph which was good for some if the hills I was on but legs were more fatigued towards the end then I expected which not good with a hard 70 mile gravel race/ride this Saturday which is extremely fast and hilly coming up in a few days. I guess we will see what happens. I will report back afterwards.


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