Painfully Close

I stole that title from my buddy Garret Seacat. This was the title of his last blog post before the Dirty Kanza 200 back in 2010. Hard to believe it has been 2 years since then.  The DK this year is a week and a half away now.  At the moment still planning on decent volume ride this Saturday then just a few short easy ones after that with 2 days off prior the race to make sure legs are fresh.  Also give some my nagging injuries some rest also.  Been a lot going since last post. We did have a gravel ride “Gravel Ride for Maisie’s Pride” this is the second annual one, and it was a week and a half ago. It’s a race/ride fundraiser to help keep the local pool open in eskridge ks . They have a couple shorter rides and the longer 70+ mile ride. Its extremely hilly to say the least. Also with 2009 DK 200 winner Mike Marchand and several other fast riders the pace was very fast right out the gate as I expected.  There was a large turnout and a lot of riders but after a few miles we had got in a pretty select group of about 5 or 6 riders. It was raining a little bit but not bad, there was a few spots where is was a little muddy. About 30 miles in we went thru “little Egypt” it is very rocky and hilly about 5 miles later my legs started feeling the effects on the climbs and then started to yo-yo off the back and the top 4 guys Marchand, Kevin Collings, Matt Brown and Bobby Smith started to fade away in the distance.   I spent most the time by myself the rest of the way. It was a lot of fun though and got to hang out with some good people.

Last weekend got a 50 mile’r on Saturday and then did a 75 mile road ride mixed with some nature trails. It was a fun ride with the O’mara “twins”

In other news not sure if anyone watched any of the tour of california road race. My buddy Lelan Dains who works for CTS traveled out to the event for “work” and even got to see him on TV. There was a awesome battle on stage 7 and at about 200 meters from the finish seen him running and cheering next to the top two riders battling for the finish.




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