Back in the saddle

Refueling at about 30 miles in before heading back
(left to right = Me, Shawn,Randy,Scott,Tim,Matt )


So its probably been a couple months since I have done any long rides. I have been just short 1 hour rides by myself. Most of my friends have been doing trail races and riding trails so haven’t got hit up for a training ride in a while.  Sunday morning Matt sent a text out to meet up for 3 or 4 hour ride. I was looking forward to it but at the same time a little worried as I didn’t know how my legs would hold up from the lack of training if we are going hard the hole ride.  I just figured I wouldn’t do any pulling , get in the draft and hopefully the pace would be mild.

I got over to Matt’s and was checking out his new ride. 2013 Madone with carbon fiber bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 wheelset. I was a little jealous of those sweet wheels 😉  I took a short little ride on it while waiting for the other guys and they are very stiff and rolls well as expected.  Anyways the rest of the group showed up and we headed off. Very nice weather conditions in the 70’s and not much wind. We headed out of town to the south then headed west towards chase county this is a pretty hilly area.  The pace felt pretty hard , I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if we were going fast or not but my heart rate was pretty high even  drafting. When we got to chase county Casey’s  about 30 miles in to refuel we had averaged 17.5mph so with the hills and loose gravel we were riding on it wasn’t  just in my mind we had a pretty good pace.

When we left my legs weren’t feeling so fresh and I had a feeling at some point I might blow up and be riding by myself, but would just try to hold on as long as I could. A few miles out of town we had a unfortunate event… we all were riding very close to each other I was 3rd back. We missed a turn and it caused a ripple effect and Tim towards the back went down. I didn’t see it just heard the sound of what sounded like a slab of meat hitting the ground. As we turned around and rode back I thought he broke his collar bone the way he was holding his shoulder area. He layed there for a while and then when he finally got up and discovered he was ok , with just some mild rash and I am sure some bruises as we were going 20+ mph when it happened.  After we confirmed he was ok we continued on.  The closer we got in to town , Matt picked up the pace some more and  most of the group got split up. I just keep trying to hold his wheel and stay in his draft as long as I could.  Surprisingly my legs held up long enough until I convinced him to slow down so rest of could catch back up. We rode into town together and it was about 55 miles total. I was glad to be done as I was pretty tired from my lack of current fitness. Luckily the other guys did most the pulling for me or I would of blown up long before.  Hopefully it will jump start my training again before the winter gravel races.


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Raw Vegan cyclist in the flinthills of Kansas
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One Response to Back in the saddle

  1. Dustin says:

    I bet your improved energy is mainly based on diet. I have recently gone veggie and occasionally vegan. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the duration of my energy levels during performances. Go Veggie! Go!

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